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Introducing Sappho Cosmetics – organic, mineral make-up

Make-up fearlessly

Sappho is a new, green, eco conscious, organic based makeup line created by film make-up artist JoAnn Fowler. Free of synthetic chemicals, Sappho Cosmetics are sexy and look and feel great on your skin. JoAnn diligently searched for, and discovered, formulations made with ingredients that surpass the EU standards for safer cosmetics.

Each product has been chosen for its purity, ease of application, quality and beauty. Sappho found and developed products that are truly wonderful…. packaged for utility and recyclability and made in North America. Some have organic content, some are vegan - all are cruelty, paraben and phthalate free.

In all cases, SAPPHO COSMETICS promises full disclosure of ingredients.

Sappho Cosmetics is all about making up fearlessly

It’s about learning how to make up and being as daring as you please and putting products on our faces and bodies that will not harm us.



Jennifer Beals - L-word Actress

"There are so many things I love about Sappho Cosmetics - I love the richness of the eye colours, I love the feel and smell of the foundations - and last but not least I love that I'm not putting any harmful chemicals on my skin. Luxurious ecoBeauty. "

Leisha Hailey - L-word Actress

"Having to wear toxic make-up every day on set was a huge challenge for my sensitive skin. When JoAnn formulated Sappho it was like my skin could breathe for the first time. This make-up feels like an extension of your own skin."

KJM Customer

"One word - fabulous! I love these products. Love how they go on and love how they feel and appear on my skin. Not to mention that I feel so much safer wearing them than most other cosmetics because they are free of all those nasty synthetics"

- Linda Choi

JoAnn, your products are amazing. Just about everything bothers my skin. I break out and I hate that feeling that something is just sitting on my skin. Luckily I found your products - They smell like heaven and go on smoothly. My skin appears completely natural - no mask like look. And the colours are so natural. I LOVE SAPPHO!

Mia Kirshner - L-word Actress

Sappho is the first make-up line that where I can confidently say, that the ethics and integrity behind this line are the real deal. Its rare to see a business founded on this purity. JoAnn Fowler, created this product because she saw, first hand, that the ingredients being used in most commercial brands are directly related to various cancers. This fact, is totally unacceptable and it is sad that so many women do not know this. I watched as Jo, painstakingly created this line from scratch, working only with toxin free ingredients, making sure that her product was ethically produced and environmentally packaged. I can't ever imagine using another foundation. It glides on my skin and gives it a dewy sheen. The concealer works wonderfully. I love this line and am proud to wear such a great product made by someone who has taken a stand in action against the cosmetic giants."

Lori Gibson - Customer Toronto Ontario

"I have been using the Sappho Cosmetic line for 1 month now and I love it - my skin loves it. I have people commenting on how great I look. The makeup is so subtle that they don't immediately point it out. Comments are I look fresh, alert and 'together'. Thanks JoAnn! I'm a goddess!"

Kate French - L-word Actress

"This (liquid) foundation is the first I've wanted to use on a daily basis. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and allows my freckles to still peek through, while masking flaws! I feel like my skin benefits from Sappho foundation instead of contaminating it like other coverups I've tried. I love it"

Laura Andrews - Customer Ottawa Ontario

"When I started wearing Sappho cosmetics and liquid foundation, my friends noticed a difference... They said my face looked younger and fresh! I really love the metallic smokey shadows. And not only am I enjoying my makeup with proper brushes, but I am especially happy and proud to use products that will not harm myself or the environment!"

Sappho’s Cosmetics – All products available on the Xynergy site are phthalate and paraben free. Each product has been chosen for its safety, ease of application, quality and beauty. We have searched for and found products that we believe are truly wonderful. They are lush, easy to apply, packaged for utility and recylability and made in North America. We believe in the complete disclosure of ingredients and do not deal with any company that tests on our animal friends.


JoAnn Fowler

JoAnn Fowler, founder and CEO of Sappho Cosmetics has worked in the television and movie industry as a make up artist since 1989. Her credits include many films and television series and her list of her achievements includes an Emmy nomination for "Reefer Madness". This past year, JoAnn was Head of Department for 2nd unit on both Twilight: New Moon and Twilight Eclipse. Prompted by Mia Kirshner and Jennifer Beals of the L Word, we began researching cosmetic safety and as a result saw how desperately a line of makeup with full ingredient disclosure and adherence to the strictest safety measures was needed.


Considered to be one of the great Greek lyricists and one of the few known female poets, Sappho’s poetry was all about love. It is thought she married a prosperous merchant, bore a daughter Cleis and spent much time studying the arts on the isle of Lesbos, at the time a cultural center. Sappho was exiled to Greece for a time due to political activities in her family.

As with most 7th century poetry, her works were performed with a lyre. She composed her own often sensual and melodic music and refined the now called Sapphic meter. Being one of the first poets writing from a first person point of view she wrote about love and loss in her own life and described how deeply she was personally affected.

Sappho’s poetry is primarily written for and about women. Much of her work was directed to some of the many women who came to educate her in the arts. They are for the most part reflective poems of love and yearning. When the women left finally to marry in Greece she often wrote their wedding songs.

Plato honored her work in ancient times and today she remains an important literary and cultural figure. What is left of her poetry still remains a challenge for literary historians but 2000 years later – scholars are still writing, honoring and studying both her and her poetry.


Because Sappho liquid foundations are truly unique and do not contain any chemical preservatives please know that before purchasing Xynergy cannot accept returns on opened products for any reason. Note that during seasonal temperature changes, natural products can become thinner or thicker. We cannot replace your base if it is not the viscosity that you expected. Other issues that do no warrant a return are colour or scent variations. Natural ingredients do vary from lot to lot thus a finished product can have slight variations. If these variations are not acceptable to you, then you may want to consider chemical based products. All Sappho products and ingredients are chosen for quality and are produced under GMP Standards. All sales are final. If there is a problem with your order please contact Xynergy by email to . Or phone on 03456 58 58 58 (in the UK) or +44 1730 813642 from abroad.


While Xynergy has tried to accurately display the colours of products and liquid mineral foundations, the actual colours you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate. If you have questions about specific colours, please email Sappho’s  Artists or Customer Service on and they will get back to you with information to help you select the colours that are right for you.